Welcome to the Youtopia Project!

Welcome to the Youtopia Project! We’re living in a fascinating time, part of a culture obsessed with the future, all dreaming about the possibilities ahead of us.

We still don’t have the technology to create complete virtual universes, but at The Youtopia Project has designed a full comic universe to help us picture what this strange new world might look like.

Through the stories represented in our comic series, we hope to address some of the implications of the future of technology, neuroscience, and the environment. Hope you enjoy!



That’s where the You in YOUtopia comes in. We’re looking to help tell the stories of great thinkers, creatives, technologists and fans who have a vision for making a better world, or just an idea of what one looks like. We’re especially fond of people working in the areas of climate science/activism, AI safety, and consciousness research, but are happy to hear from anyone with ideas about how to create their utopia. If you’re one of those people, or are interested in seeing what they think, check out our collaborations (link to collaborations section) or contact us (link to contact page) section. In the meantime, meet our characters! They live in a world where fully immersive VR experiences are shared on an app exchange called The Youtopia Store:

Our Episodes

For decades physicists and philosophers have been stupified by the following question: what came before the Big Bang? A potentially more important question could be, which Big Bang? In Genesis, computer programmer Dev creates a new universe in his own basement. Although intended as a simple simulation, he eventually discovers he has created characters that are conscious, can feel and don’t know that their world is an experiment. Not knowing what will happen next, Dev must watch along with the rest of us…

“Community Comics”: A new take on webcomics

We “feature” members of our community, similar to featured artists on albums. If you’re creating new content that you’d like to promote start by sending us an email describing what you’re working on – maybe a blog post, a side project or something bigger (see our Contact page). Then we write a script that combines our characters, universe, and inspiration from your content. We encourage artists to draw content from our universe in their style for a collaboration as well (see Bex’s great work below!!). Think of community comics like a chance to step into the comic world and talk about your thing, whatever it is. 

Our first collaboration features artist Bex Kihara. Bex has been working with the Youtopia Project for about 9 months now, and has played an integral part in developing our content, from characters to plots to universe design. She studies illustration at Cornish College of the Arts, has a background in mixed media and fine arts, and can be found on Instagram @bex_kihara. Thanks for all you’ve helped us with Bex, you rock!

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